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the saints who don’t want to be found

© Alexanderplatz, Berlin 2011 by Fritsch

If you call me I won’t be home / I’m hiding from the kingdom come / They can’t see everything on earth / With the satellites and the roving drones / This is why hell is underground / Like a reclaimed bad part of town / We don’t want to lose our souls / We’re the saints who don’t want to be found (Band Of Horses)

Folks, thanks for your companionship in the past year & I’m hoping to see you down the road somewhere in 2012. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

posted: Januar 1, 2012
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9 Responses to “the saints who don’t want to be found”

  1. Francis J sagt:

    The saints who don’t want to be found! As we say in French, „pour vivre heureux, vivons caché !“… I don’t know if I’ll be invited to this fairy party, and I don t even know if I want to be !
    Well that s a new year, and there are some keys not working! Anyway, I wish you, Florian, a great new road through these new times. A great road 2012!

  2. Aurore sagt:

    Happy New & Luminous Year, Florian !!Yes, see you down the road. Lot of Love and Tenderness for yoy and your beloved ones.

  3. And yes, so the journey continuous, bright lights and all. Sometimes drawn to them like moths to a open flame, and sometimes repelled by them, desperately looking, craving for a place solitude. And that’s the nature of the road, of our incomplete duality of the soul…

    Good travels, my friend. May the saints walk with you, leading you home, keeping you safe for the next journey.

  4. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    It seems a bit odd to see carnival rides in black and white, but it does show the essence of what all those lights are about. Interesting.

    Best wishes to you during 2012, Fritsch. I can’t wait to see what travels you have in store for us. I’ll be here to see them, though, for as long as I am granted that privilege.

  5. rian sagt:

    a fine shot to celebrate the new year.. :) hope you have a great new year ahead of you.. :)

  6. DomLOrtha sagt:

    All my best wishes for the new year, for you and your family. Hope you will still offer us such wonderful picture as this one!!
    Have a nice day.

  7. ay, Fritsch!

    old man T-Bone loves fun fairs, and I just love your pics too!

    there’s great light here, and I can almost hear the sounds, the music and the laugther from the crowds!

    2012’s gonna be great, man! keep it up!


  8. Jerome sagt:

    ah and an echo to my own circus photo from berlin, the night is when it all comes to life

  9. Beve sagt:

    happy travelling in 2012, we must love this foolish circle for a glimpse of light.

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