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walking backwards to the place where I come from

© Autobahn, Berlin 2011 by Fritsch

You better watch your soul it’ll leave you like a hundred bucks / My friend said, „stick to your guns“ but instead I just got stuck / And I’m walking backwards to the place where I come from / Oh but that ain’t enough, no you want me to run (M. Ward)

posted: Dezember 21, 2011
under: black & white, crossroads, German Langeweile, pictures
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8 Responses to “walking backwards to the place where I come from”

  1. This is such a great series, man. The overlapping bridges and roads brings on thoughts of journeys. All the one’s taken, and also, of all the one’s missed. I wonder about destination, and at a certain point in my life I thought that there might be one, that there must be one, but there isn’t one I now know. Now I realize that the concept of ‚destination‘ is found in simple moments, sometimes they last for a while, but mostly they fade…and we go on looking for our next temporary home, so it goes.

    Your shot’s continue to inspire me Fritsch, and they continue to remind me of all that is true, of all that is lost, and found.

  2. aptass sagt:

    I love the feeling of gigantic constructions watching over us.

  3. Francis J sagt:

    Well Florian, I’m getting stuck looking at your autobahn series, imagining myself lost there the same way I found myself lost some 30 years ago in Berlin.
    I was trying to find my way back to the appartment where I had left my package, driving an old VW my friend Dieter had left for me, cause he was chasin‘ some girl. And I had been drinking a bit that dark Berlin winter night, running around and around, passing under the same sad autobahn bridges. But finally I found the gasometer I was looking for and for a while I thought I was on my way.
    Well, Florian, this shot drives me back so deep in my rotten memories and it makes me so happy. After all, I’ve lived a little bit on this damned planet, didn’t I?

  4. Jerome sagt:

    I love those towering structures and massive lines, almost like a charcoal sketch

  5. DomLOrtha sagt:

    I find elegance in the sweet curves of these suspended roads. Really nicely composed.
    Have a nice day.

  6. rian sagt:

    really cool lines captured here.. nice work.. :)

  7. elaine sagt:

    minimalist…urban… our world :) all the bets to you for this coming year!

  8. Beve sagt:

    ein bild wie ein song von joy division. rasierklingenschnitte durch den tag.

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