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the nightspots spend your spirit

© Savoy, Frankfurt am Main 2011 by Fritsch

Friday left me fumblin‘ with the blues / And it’s hard to win when you always lose / Because the nightspots spend your spirit, beat your head against the wall / Two dead ends and you’ve still got to choose (Tom Waits)

posted: März 27, 2011
under: black & white, Im Herzen von Europa, pictures
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23 Responses to “the nightspots spend your spirit”

  1. Anne V. sagt:

    An usual night in an hotel ? Great capture Fritsch.

  2. Kris sagt:

    „Little ghost, little ghost
    One I’m scared of the most
    Can you scare me up a little bit of love?
    I’m the only one that sees you,
    And I can’t do much to please you
    And it’s not yet time to meet the lord above
    No, it’s not yet time to meet the lord above“ Jack white little ghost

  3. Marcie sagt:

    Such gorgeous light. A wonderful domestic scene captured/created here!

  4. frankdejol sagt:

    Well-illuminated room, it creates a wonderful mood.
    Excellent shot!

  5. Teresa sagt:

    Agreed – the light creates a nice mood. Like the shot!

  6. minimodi sagt:

    I bet Tom has spent a lot of nights in rooms like these with a wiskey, a pencil and a paper… at least in my mind ;) good feeling!

  7. a.h.lex sagt:

    sehr gut passender Liedtext zum Photo! Ein Bild zum Freitag am Monatag gesichtet. Was für eine Parodie? Nein, wenn doch auch Montag ein Freitag im Sinne unserer Gesellschaft sein könnte…

  8. walter sagt:

    Links und rechts zwei schwarze Enden, aber wir haben keine Wahl, denn das Licht, das Licht dass uns magisch anzieht wie die Motten, bringt das Bild zum Erstrahlen und obwohl kein Glimmstängel im Ascher liegt und wider erwarten der Bettüberwurf nicht zerknüllt ist, entstehen im Geiste unendliche Geschichten.

  9. PixeLuz sagt:

    The intimacy of night in this dark room, a very fine contrast for this black and white picture. And a seat that invites the viewer to sit in for listening to Tom Waits.
    How many memories come back to me, Florian, because of this winning combination: your picture and Tom Waits‘ music!

  10. rian sagt:

    be it seedy or not, as long as there’s a bed, i’m all good.. :D

  11. Otto K. sagt:

    terrific mood and light in this. well done!

  12. Elaine- sagt:

    that looks like a hotel room, that’s not in your house is it? if so i’m sorry for saying it looks like a hotel room lol but it being a hotel room suits the tom waits song better… sigh.. i love tom waits, and i love this picture, esp paired with the music, a real beaut!!!

  13. Simply great. It’s a fucking genious. Congrats!

  14. theysroland sagt:

    Wonderful bw shot!
    A beautiful light which does all here.

  15. DomLortha sagt:

    You succeed in capturing the mood of a lonely night in a single room… (well, your picture makes think of that, but may be it’s not the truth!)Thaks for sharing it withthe lyrics of Tom Waits!!
    Have a nice day.

  16. rotundschwarz sagt:

    „You’ve still got to choose.“

    Das Bild atmet. Still und Schön. Beides. lgk

  17. Une très belle ambiance. Une très belle lumière…

  18. Beverungen sagt:

    wenn das zimmer sprechen könnte, hätte es die stimme von tom waits. was mag hinter dem vorhang sein?

    viele grüße


  19. Luis sagt:

    Awesome light and detail; the noir mood is very compelling.

  20. Bernard sagt:

    good light

  21. aptass sagt:

    Like one of many unnamed motel rooms featured in countless movies and songs. What have your walls witnessed, what secrets do you carry..

  22. One of my all time favourite Wait’s songs, matched with such a soulful shot…I feel those on the road shivers running up and down my spine, reminding me, no, telling me about tales on the road. Haunting, beautiful stuff man.

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