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the runway lies ahead like a great false dawn

© Autoscooter, Germendorf 2011 by Fritsch

The runway lies ahead like a great false dawn / Fat lady, big mama, Missy Bimbo sits in her chair and yawns / And the man-beast lies in his cage sniffin‘ popcorn / As the midget licks his fingers and suffers Missy Bimbo’s scorn / Circus town’s been born (Bruce Springsteen)

posted: März 20, 2011
under: black & white, German Langeweile, pictures
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15 Responses to “the runway lies ahead like a great false dawn”

  1. Otto K. sagt:

    excellent composition. nice deep B&W tones.

  2. PixeLuz sagt:

    Why did i think of autoscooters yesterday? Oh yeah, it was at the supermarket :)
    The little feat is over. Or is waiting a new day. Oh yeah, that’s dawn. New customers. Under the rain.
    A strange place for people working there…
    A great shot of this mundane moment, Florian!

  3. Marcie sagt:

    Wonderful pairing of this image with the Springsteen lyrics. Perfect and timeless in b&w!

  4. DomLortha sagt:

    Great BW again!! And Springsteen! Wow!
    Have a nice day.

  5. Krunal sagt:

    nice B&W and composition

  6. Anne V. sagt:

    A strange place when there is nobody around. Great.

  7. Another very tangible image. It’s like I could walk right into the frame. It feels still and damp. Isolated but there are sounds of activity in the distance.

    Why is it that with some photos I can literally feel like I’m there? Others I either can’t or it’s difficult to.

  8. Those stark contrasts. Those lines. That feeling of nostalgia. Wat a superb photograph.

    I’m an avid Springsteen fan by the way. Only play the boss when I’m driving my car.


  9. theysroland sagt:

    Our youth is present in this photograph! good black and white!.

  10. walter sagt:

    Auf Volksfesten sind die Autoscooter auch wegen des Musikprogramms und der Diskoatmosphäre beliebter Anziehungs- und Treffpunkt für junge Leute zum „Abhängen“.
    Das Autoscooterfahren wird meistens mit sehr lauter Musik untermalt. Es wird überwiegend Techno-, Dance- und Disco-Musik gespielt. Eine Lichtanlage, sorgt für Diskoeffekte.
    Auf diesem Bild fühlt uns spürt man nichts von diesem Lärmpegel und Lichterglanz, trister Alltag, nichts von Spass und Vergnügen, doch genau die daraus entstehenden Assoziationen zeichnen dieses grossartige Bild aus.
    Danke, Fritsch!

  11. Beverungen sagt:

    blühende landschaften.

    dank und gruß


  12. Elaine- sagt:

    we didn’t have circus freaks in the circuses i saw as a child, i think it was already out of vogue to enslave disabled people! but still this photograph makes me sad for them.. i can envsion how cold and cruel it all was… and baby of course you’re my angel, the lifter of my photographic head… now that’s a compliment, coz Jesus is called the lifter of our heads…

  13. sherri sagt:

    really nice capture. i like your pairing of song (you always do so well with that, but i especially like the interesting title clipped from the lyrics)

  14. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    Sometimes–most times–the unseen corners of our world are truly the hardest to comprehend. It doesn’t make them less real; it only means we only want to live in our own crazy little corner–and think that it’s normal.

    Love this interplay of the photo and music.

  15. rian sagt:

    nice capture.. a farmer’s market?

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