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things in my head keeping me from sleeping

© Konstablerwache, Frankfurt am Main 2011 by Fritsch

Emily said the things in my head / Are keeping me from sleeping / If I don’t go to them / They’ll come for me instead / And the company I’m keeping / And this is how the damage is done / Climbing the stairs in the dark / I won’t reach out for anyone (Gravenhurst)

posted: Februar 20, 2011
under: black & white, Im Herzen von Europa, pictures
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20 Responses to “things in my head keeping me from sleeping”

  1. Gorgeous use of light. I like very much this photo. Is great!

  2. kris sagt:

    „You’ve got yourself a-in a fine mess now, Charlene
    you’re either absolutely mad or you are joking, Charlene

    Charlene, I’m crying
    so close to you, darling
    we’re naked and laughing
    you shine on my battery, Charlene“ b-side Bjork Charlene
    thanks for your big sens of poetic light, you find true meaning in everyday things. Kris.

  3. frankdejol sagt:

    Excellent composition with brilliant illuminate.

  4. Marcie sagt:

    Evocative image. Love the repetition of shape and form and pattern. Great eye!

  5. joe sagt:

    Der Boden mit all den ganzen Weißen Punkten ist mal cool getroffen.

  6. Otto K. sagt:

    really like this. nice repetition and light.

  7. DomLortha sagt:

    Strong BW and composition. I love the dark part whioch brings somme mystery in your picture: something will appear here!
    have a nice day.

  8. Anne V. sagt:

    „things in my head keeping me from sleeping“… you’re right ! beautiful black and white, a lot of mystery. Beautiful.

  9. walter sagt:

    Der Bahnhof Frankfurt Konstablerwache, ist laut Wiki, mit 191‘000 Fahrgästen pro Tag einer der wichtigsten Schnellbahnknotenpunkte in Frankfurt. Wundere mich zu welchem Zeitpunkt du dieses Bild geschossen hast, denn üblicherweise wimmelt es hier von Passanten. Dass diese öffentlichen Fernsprechanlagen nicht mehr benutzt werden, wundert mich allerdings nicht, denn heute bei dieser allgemeinen Telefonitis oder heisst es Handmanie, hängt doch jede und jeder am eigenen Mobiltelefon.

  10. rian sagt:

    that dark part on the right is very mysterious.. it’s as if someone’s lurking there.. :) nicely captured..

  11. sherri sagt:

    Been a long time since I’ve seen any pay phones; let alone this many.

  12. Luis sagt:

    Excellent visualization and unadulterated execution with that light. Love this sheer, communicative simplicity, Fritsch.

  13. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    Starkness and atmosphere all going from white to gray to black. The photo is all the better for not having any people in it–just the solid solitary place–with no one talking to anyone. A nice combination of image and lyrics, too. Nicely done, Fritsch.

  14. Turnbill sagt:

    You are master of stark and dark. Very good!

  15. theysroland sagt:

    Strong BW and composition.,excellent!

  16. Elaine- sagt:

    oh honey you set my heart on fire, yes we are wild and beautiful, and i want you to make me scream lol (we’re so bad) but this picture is awesomeness!!!! it reminds of that scene in the movie ‚hackers‘ where they are on the subway phones.. if only the movie was THIS COOL lol


  17. PixeLuz sagt:

    A line of abandoned phones now that people are using their cell phones… Maybe someone will appear because he is too poor, too poor to have a cell phone, too poor to have a place to sleep.
    And a great composition, Fritsch, with the logotypes boarding the right side.

  18. Toujours aussi détaillée…
    Un doux mélange de contraste et de lumière.
    Superbe !

  19. minimodi sagt:

    there’s something with lonely public phones like these that I like… good one!

  20. There’s no telling how many times I’ve written a comment, entered the code, and then went to a different image not knowing I didn’t hit „post“. Anyway, this is a great shot. The negative space on the right side of the frame keeps me off balance, adding to the feeling of isolation. Really well done.

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