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the freeway sounded like a river

© Hammelauktionshalle Central Vieh- & Schlachthof Berlin 2009 by Fritsch

We came home one night and our door was open / Most of our things were gone or broken / All our clothes were thrown around the rooms and even our pictures were wrecked too / And the overpass where the endless miles of cars would pass, it hummed night and day and night and day / We used to think it sounded like a river, but all that slipped away that day (Richmond Fontaine)

posted: Dezember 8, 2010
under: black & white, pictures
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9 Responses to “the freeway sounded like a river”

  1. Pieciuk sagt:

    Great symmetry and details in shadows

  2. walter sagt:

    Eine Hammelauktionshalle war es mal, nun liegt sie da die Halle, wie das Skelett eines gigantischen Wals, mich aber faszinieren die filigranen Strukturen und das typografische Puzzle bestehend aus L über O zu X weiter zu P und T sowie I.
    Danke, Fritsch … eine überwältigende Augen- und Gedankenorgie!

  3. Anne V. sagt:

    Just brilliant lyrics „it sounded like a river“. Beautiful. Love the picture too.

  4. Otto K. sagt:

    I like the symmetry and repetition. Nicely seen and composed.

  5. PixeLuz sagt:

    This is a great structure that makes me think of the „Pavillon de Baltard“ style of architecture… And also the lines of the building‘ skeleton, enhanced by your peculiar strong black and white that is part of your own style.

  6. Gorgeous structure and simetry perfect. Is a great great architectural image!

  7. frankdejol sagt:

    I like the symmetry and emptiness. And I hear the sound of this structure in the wind.
    Perhaps, this is not some stunning design, but it catches the eye.
    Interesting and excellent composition.

  8. Elaine- sagt:

    yes there’s no feeling like getting broken into, your home, your sanctuary turns into your violation, it’s very sad, it’s amazing people don’t have more sympathy when it happens to you, it’s like a mini rape… i hope you’ve never been broken into. i hope it’s just a song. the picture is very nice and comforting, it must be a picture from BEFORE the break in… altho there is a sense of foreboding to it, so maybe it’s JUST before the break in.

    we will have better places to sleep in our new tiny house, it will have a KING sized bed, 2 recliner loungers, and a hide a bed couch :) yes, we will sleep our lives away lol but i will take pictures for you!

  9. joe sagt:

    Den Bogen im Jungendstil verglasen, würde verdammt gut aussehen.
    Sehr gut gesehen, weiter so.

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