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don’t ya roll so slow

© Luhme, Busstop 2010 by Fritsch

Roll on, buddy, don’t ya roll so slow / How, can I roll when my wheels won’t go / Well roll on buddy, pull a load of coal / Now how, can I roll when my wheels won’t go (Merle Travis as sung by Billy Faier)

I’m on the road for a couple of days. There are some images going up whilst I’m gone but be sure I’ll be back to see all your beauties & write my humble comments. All the best & safe travel, Fritsch.

posted: August 11, 2010
under: black & white, pictures, rural sketches
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5 Responses to “don’t ya roll so slow”

  1. Otto K. sagt:

    nice, makes me want to get on the road myself.

  2. PixeLuz sagt:

    A rural busstop offered to our imagination. Some day one will pull up the bus and go away forever… Some day it already happened!

  3. Joe sagt:

    Cool die Haltestelle am ende der Galaxie.
    Gut gesehen, ….

  4. Kid sagt:

    Ich wünsche dir sichere Straßen, Fritsch. Und „Haltestellen“, die zum Verweilen einladen, bevor es wieder weiter geht. Gruß vom Kid

  5. Elaine- sagt:

    i do love a road trip!!! but especially when taken on your blog :) then my hair doesn’t get messed up haha, actually i gave myself a buzzcut, do you still love me? ;)

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