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the blues & the abstract truth

© Pool table, Raumerstr., Berlin 2010 by Fritsch

Do you think you’ll be ok / Well it’s only a heart that breaks / I know it seems everything is gone away / Do you think you’ll sleep tonight / While your lover’s gone / And the smell lingers on (Greyhound Soul)

posted: März 3, 2010
under: black & white, pictures
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11 Responses to “the blues & the abstract truth”

  1. a.h.lex sagt:

    Ein Raum mit einem Pool oder Billard Tisch mit dem Titel von Blues und abstrakter Wahrheit – ich kann mir die Situation vorstellen, sie gar verspüren, in der das Photo entstanden ist. Sehr gute Arbeit Mister Fritsch!

  2. Otto K. sagt:

    wonderful light and dark. I especially love the deep tones. very pretty.

  3. PixeLuz sagt:

    Who remembers Oliver Nelson? I’m glad this shot brought me back to his music. The blues ambient is just there in your shot, displayed by lights and shadows. And for the abstract truth, maybe it’s the truth of the geometric properties of the pool…

  4. a wonderful, dark image. it seems a bit mysterious ;)

  5. Elaine- sagt:

    the heartbreaking lyric makes the picture hurt my heart too, i’m not sure if the picture was meant to do that, but now it does, thanks to you fantastic talent, and your ways of getting into my heart :)

  6. Kamal sagt:

    I like the dark mood in this one. I initially thought this was an enlarger or something. Then to find out it is a pool table. lol. Very nice use of selective focus. The light seem hovering / floating in air. :-)

  7. crash sagt:

    cool film noir effect…!

  8. Luis sagt:

    I’m enjoying this series of lamp-light shots. Very attractive imagery, and you have a way of setting a cool noir mood.

  9. Ivy sagt:

    Flawless – A stunning monotone depiction!

  10. terrorkitten sagt:

    The light and the shadow on the wall – wonderful.

    Never heard of Greyhound Soul, I want more.

  11. theysroland sagt:

    a wonderful bw shot!

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