songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
it’s way wilder down the street

Another year of roving & rambling. Another year of running to sometimes stand still. Another year of growing but not necessarily getting smarter. Another year of searching … Leaving the bed way too early just to find those misty mornings by the side of the road … Searching for one more rainbow in that cold […]

well ask ol‘ Saint Nicholas for another round

The bartender Saint Nick, he knows what I like / Didn’t write him a letter, didn’t ask for advice / Twelve shots of liquor lined up on the bar / He’s got all my money & the keys to my car / From the first day of Christmas right up to the last / I’ll […]

this is Christmas, for weak & for strong, the rich & the poor ones

And so this is Christmas / For weak and for strong / The rich and the poor ones / The road is so long / And so happy Christmas / For black and for white / For yellow and red ones / Let’s stop all the fight / A very merry Christmas / And a […]