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we got nothing & nowhere to go

© Falckensteinstraße, Berlin 2010 by Fritsch

Waiting outside while you find your keys / Like bags of trash in the blackening snow / City of neon and toes that freeze / We got nothing and nowhere to go / We got nothing and nowhere / The lights will draw you in / And the dark will take you down / And the night will break your heart / Only if you’re lucky now (Ryan Adams)

Jérome Arfouche dedicated for some memorable night walks.

posted: Oktober 9, 2011
under: colour, pictures
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18 Responses to “we got nothing & nowhere to go”

  1. Linda sagt:

    Amazing little scene, well captured. Love the light and colors!

  2. Aurore sagt:

    Great night feeling, love the frame in the frame and intimacy it suggests. Wonderful compo, Florian !! (and i like Jerome’s work very much) All the best to U ;)

  3. DomLOrtha sagt:

    Hey, some colors?!? :-)
    I like the rendering of the evening mood, just watching a football game with an old good friend. NIcely seen and done!
    Have a nice day.

  4. Marcie sagt:

    There’s something so very lonely about these two men..and how you’ve framed them..and the light. Wonderful – as always!

  5. rian sagt:

    i like the mood you captured here.. nice work..

  6. Great mood indeed. Loneliness yes, but at least they’ve got each other.

    Maybe that is what getting old is all about. You end up in rooms that are increasingly more empty, while you desperately hold on to what’s left… an old friend, the enjoyment of a footballgame…

  7. michèle sagt:

    i like the picture and the scene too: there’s life in it. though the colour blue ( that could be seen as a cold colour) those two football amateurs make us feel warmth. Moreover … the walls are pink.

  8. theysroland sagt:

    i like the picture and the scene shot!

  9. Amazing colors and composition! Great shot!

  10. Ivy Tavia C. sagt:

    I buy your descriptive heading and it blends in so beautifully this image plus the added verses – MAGIC (HA!)..
    Glad you came-by:) meeting old mate and catching-up.. lets now raise glasses of wine and.. hmmm.. hahahaha cheers/Ivy

  11. sherri sagt:

    outside, looking in. very thought provoking scene.

  12. Luis sagt:

    Nice frame within the frame. Especially enjoy your use of color to capture and document this intriguing moment. Nice work.

  13. sebastian sagt:

    ein großartiges bild! da kommt die fotografie als fach ganz groß raus, denn sie ist doch gewissermaßen die beobachtung der beobachter. sie ist die metaebene und führt – mal mithilfe der geduld, mal mit euphorischer hast – dadurch immer wieder zu so wunderbaren momenten. …
    keep on watching, lieber fritsch! ;)

  14. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    A nice study of these two men. For some reason, I don’t want to join them at that stage of life even though I’m already close to it.

  15. walter sagt:

    Die Beobachteten beobachten in der Glotze die Fussballer und sind darob in ihrer eigenen Welt und sehen nicht, was wir dank dir, zu sehen bekommen, ein absolutes Hammerbild dass durch die Kälte der Farben nochmals stärker wird!
    Fritsch, einfach grossartig!

  16. aptass sagt:

    I like the layer of hidden observations this photo have. Feels a bit forbidden.

  17. Beve sagt:

    das bild im bild im bild – wer beobachtet mich?

    dank und gruß


  18. Roland theys sagt:

    This is a pleasant photograph! succeeded well!

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