songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
the sun comes up in a coffee cup

The sun comes up / In a coffee cup / Waitress please I’ve had enough / Lord I can’t believe what I see / How could you be alone / When you could sit right here beside me girl / And make yourself at home (Lyle Lovett)

long is the struggle, hard the fight

And now, now everyone got nervous / Because everyone was hungry too / And everyone was wondering / What was the next thing he would do / And the, the preacher, he kept preaching / He said, „Now I’ll remind you if I may / You all better pay attention / And I might decide […]

that man that she was looking for was only twenty streets away

There was a lonely girl from nowhere / With a smile all sweet with pain / And she never stopped to wonder / If she’d see him again / It was a private conversation / No one heard her say / That man that she was looking for / Was only twenty streets away (Lyle […]