songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
sing myself a tune, fall back & swoon

And I’ll take you dancing, I’ll take you ‚round and ‚round / I’ll lead you to the hilltops and I’ll take you on the ground / I may be daydreamin‘ but I’ll be wondering / What it’s like to be under your skin (Alice Phoebe Lou) You & Me & Me & You | Florian […]

in a blink of an eye things rearrange

Let’s set sail / Start a fire / Learn to live a little higher / Let’s pick the lock / Grab the reigns / Forget there ever were chains / Cause there never were chains (Alice Phoebe Lou) You & Me & Me & You | Florian Fritsch in der Zustandszone, Ausstellung vom 16.07.2017 bis […]

our night riding, midnight gliding, morning dancing

But babe I’ll be back when the sun starts to seep through the leaves / When I can sing you a song as you sing along on these magic Berlin streets / With our night riding / Midnight gliding / Morning dancing / Pavement prancing / You know oh you know / You know I’ll […]