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invisible city IV

© Parking lot Sachsendamm Berlin 2009 by Fritsch

I’ve got too far to go to feel the way feel / Don’t feel much like driving but my hands are on the wheel / This road is like a nightmare but I’m wide awake / I might be going nowhere but my foot can’t find the brake (Wyatt Grayson)

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posted: September 23, 2009
under: colour, invisible city, pictures
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13 Responses to “invisible city IV”

  1. Sean sagt:

    Eerie but fantastic!

  2. a.h.lex sagt:

    I like your series about a invisible city – the photos makes me feel like a person in photo-poetry. Thanks for this!

  3. walter sagt:

    grünblaues kühles Licht, Lampen wie Stecknadeln, leeres auto(menschen)leeres Deck, das Leben pulsiert diskret im HIntergrund, die Wirklichkeit kann sehr kalt sein. Telling stories … great!

  4. grant sagt:

    i like the tinted glow of your nighttime city shots.

  5. david sagt:

    as a series these shot work terrifically well in showing us new views of the everyday. superb work indeed.

  6. Beverungen sagt:

    green is the see – and also the city by night. humans drown in blackness.

    thank you


  7. Joe sagt:

    Grünes kaltes Licht, ist das Geilste.
    Da kann man Aufnahmen mit Schatten vom feinsten machen.
    Coole Aufnahme, die Weite des Lichtes super gut getroffen.

  8. Love the eerie green glow from the street lights and how I feel compelled to sit and watch, wait for someone to walk through the empty space. Love this mood.

  9. MARIANA sagt:

    SUPER ! supercolorfragelissti:)))) Love these colors and cool , extra cool processing !!! l

  10. sherri sagt:

    Wonderful night scene with delicious colors.

  11. Kamal sagt:

    I really like the light, very cooling at soothing. I love the mood & the atmosphere too. Very nice work, Fritsch! Keep those ‚dark‘ pictures coming!

  12. What a tranquil setting. Perfect symmetry and lighting.

  13. rhys sagt:

    Its like the aftermath of some terrible event, human-less and cold, empty and still. Gets you thinking

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