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but I am stuck in here all paralyzed

And I know you need me in the next room over / But I am stuck in here all paralyzed / For months I got myself in ruts / Too much time spent in mirrors framed in yellow walls (The Avett Brothers)

posted: April 8, 2014
under: colour, German Langeweile, pictures
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7 Responses to “but I am stuck in here all paralyzed”

  1. Geert sagt:

    A symphony of yellows and reds in straight lines

  2. Uwe sagt:

    Eine feine Komposition aus horizontalen und vertikalen Linien, kombiniert mit einem zarten Farbklang aus Gelb, Rot und Blau … Selbst das Halbrunde der Kuppeln des Doms, die ansonsten aus dem rektangulären Bildaufbau herausfallen, haben eine optische Entsprechung in den Fahrradsymbolen auf der Straße im linken Vordergrund.
    Ein bestechendes Foto, weil es ein triviales Motiv mit kompositorische Finesse ins Bild setzt. Ein weiterer Belegt dafür, dass Bau- auch Schaustellen sind.
    Gruß, Uwe

  3. walter sagt:

    Gelbe Wände sprechen Bände, Deine Fotografien auch.
    Gelb warnt vor Gefahr, besteht bei Deinen Bildern auch.

    Suchtgefahr, mein Freund!

  4. ay, Fritsch, buddy – your black and white work is magnificent, but you’re equally good with colors, and here the reds and greens and yellows and blues pop from a Berlin street scene stripped for people, but loaded with lots of the things we surround us with, but sometimes never notice – a motive unmistakingly yours whether it’s in b&w or color.

    great shot, pal!


  5. duke sagt:

    The morderne will perhaps hide the former … Social distortion !
    Great shot my friend.

  6. Francis J sagt:

    Colours of a sunny day, this cityscape deserved it, showing us literally two layers of the city, the old castle in the background leaving place to a new building in front. How will it become in 100 years, nobody knows, and after all many cities were made this way, adding new layers to older ones.
    Florian, I do like the composition underlining this phenomenon and rhymed by the cranes.
    And I like too the ribbon of street, our piece of road where we are walking, my friend, on this world we share.

  7. Jerome sagt:

    Behind, the strong and majestic seems to be the one running the crane circus. From this side, it seems instead that the circus is run by the thin wiry musicians on stage. And the master is but a spectator, again you show us duality, this time in colour

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