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walking down the avenue, wee small hours, summer swoon

© Taunusblick, A5, 2013, Florian Fritsch

Perfect stranger, life’s too cruel / Walking down the avenue / Wee small hours, summer swoon / You’re a perfect stranger / Lightning striking all around / Lighting up this desert town / Empty parking lot with you / You’re a perfect stranger (Eleni Mandell)

Folks, it’s a pleasure & honour all at the same time to be invited by the dear folks of pixartix to participate in their „Straßen & Wege“ cycle. So make sure you follow them great photos, great stories & great photographers over there as much as I do.

All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

posted: März 9, 2013
under: colour, German Langeweile, pictures
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10 Responses to “walking down the avenue, wee small hours, summer swoon”

  1. walter sagt:

    Das Leben kann grausam sein trotz aller Farben ringsum, der Tunnelblick zeigt weit und breit keinen Menschen mit dem man trinken und plaudern könnte … das Leben kann grausam sein trotz aller Farben ringsum …

  2. Francis J sagt:

    The colors! And I guess it was an absolute necessity, finding echoes in the American painter we know (!) and bringing them to us, viewers of your photographs, Florian. Echoes of this very special light inspired by moonglow and lamp low (another quotation of Eleni M.) though here these indoor furnitures have been, I think, captured under daylight. But that’s the privilege of our minds to travel faster than our legs!

    Well, my friend, I just can imagine us pushing the door of this small bar & restaurant and sitting there to sip a glass of beer. Sáude!

  3. duke sagt:

    I agree with what is said above, the photo makes you want to open the door and go and see what happens …

  4. ay, Fritsch, another gem: great light, great vignetting and those soft, soft nostalgic colors make this a great setting for a …. secret meeting between two perfect strangers (with a great little jazz tune to accompany them on their rendezvous, too!)

    keep ‚em coming, pal!


  5. Jerome sagt:

    Color ! the return of spring ? empty cafés at wee hours of the morning is where the best conversations happen

  6. DomLortha sagt:

    Great picture, in colors!!! I find a kind of American style in this one. I LIke!
    Have a nice day.

  7. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    Wonderful depth to the colors (and you know I’m addicted to color).
    The cozy table tucked into the corner…and with a view, please. What a place to sit and watch the world go by for a while and share some conversation full of smiles, gentle jokes, and a couple of lies! It couldn’t be better!

  8. Aurore sagt:

    Here, a lot of people used to talk about life, love and pains. One never had imagned this place empty. But everything happens.

  9. Sofasophia sagt:

    ein beklemmend-geniales bild …

    großartig hingeguckt!

  10. rian sagt:

    most stores are empty, people are being smart about their money.. :) nice capture..

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