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hymns for the hopeless

© St. Matthias Kirche Berlin 2009

Them flowers from your funeral are starting to wilt / From cigarette smoke and a room full of guilt (William Elliott Whitmore)

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posted: April 1, 2009
under: black & white, pictures
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5 Responses to “hymns for the hopeless”

  1. Lunamania sagt:

    I agree, really strong mood in this shot. Stark and ominous.

  2. rhys sagt:

    dark and brooding. moody and provocative.

  3. flo g sagt:

    make me think about an italian book: „le baron perché“by Italo Calvino.
    do you know it? It’s a poetic and philosophique book, where, Come – the hero-, lives in a house-tree, but keeps relation-ship with the others..

  4. Fritsch sagt:

    I heard of it, Florence, but never read it. Thanks for the hint. I will catch up with this one immediately. Thanks for your thoughts on this one and for keeping the relationship.

    All the best & safe travels,

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