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trying to find a home, just some place to spread my things in

© Römer, Frankfurt am Main 2012 by Fritsch

Still trying to find a reason / Still trying to find a home / Just some place to spread my things in / A place from where I can run / Came from so far so silent / You saw the stars above / Your smiling faces cheer up / Take what we never had (Tindersticks)

posted: November 11, 2012
under: black & white, Im Herzen von Europa, pictures
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12 Responses to “trying to find a home, just some place to spread my things in”

  1. Francis J sagt:

    Running down is not art? Depends of the runner in my humble opinion… But I like this kind of sentence, a bit strange, which calls my attention, makes me think for a while.
    And I like the composition, centered around this sentence, playing with the architecture, which is not always art. Is this architecture art? I can’t answer definetely but your point of view, Florian, makes of this structure an artistic composition, a balanced play between darks and whites, a beautiful and rich palette of grays. A top-notch picture!

  2. Walking under [this construction] is no art? Is that a correct translation? What a great shot of a wonderful enigma

  3. Uwe sagt:

    Ich mag diese Slogans im öffentlichen Raum.
    Sie lassen einen kurz stutzen oder innenhalten.
    Konkrete Poesie, die immer mit der Umwelt interagiert, hier mit dem Treppenabgang ins Dunkle.
    Eine Verunsicherung, die sich ausbreitet.
    Runter laufen geht mehr auf die Gelenke, die Muskulatur. Auch ist das Ende, das Ziel oft nicht so genau erkennbar.
    Es erfordert also mehr Mut, mehr Mut zur Leere, in die man unvermutet eintreten kann, so wie hier, wo der Gang im Dunklen zu enden scheint, im schwarzen Nichts dieser brutalistischen Betonkonstruktion.
    Was aber bei all dem resignativen Tiefensog besticht, ist die Komposition aus Diagonalen, die den Blick unermissverständlich führt, hin zur Schwärze.
    Doch im ästhtetischen Genuss dieses formal brillanten Bildaufbaus gehen wir wieder aus dieser Dunkelheit hinaus, hoch ins Freie, ins lichte Grau des Himmels, der immer über uns ist, selbst wenn es nicht so scheint.
    Gruß, Uwe

  4. Elaine- sagt:

    i really like this shot… you should move in that building and spread your stuff around :) thank you for the wonderful comments today honey, cheered me up…. i wish i could process black and whites the way you do, i’m addicted to colour, and being addicted to anything isn’t good… except i’m addicted to your gems :)

  5. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    Since I only speak English, and that not very well, I am intrigued by translations of other languages. Runter Laufen Ist Keine Kunst is cryptic to me, but I do wonder if it just basically means „Don’t run down this incline. Keep Off.“ Be that as it may, the photo itself is artful in it’s capture of this „window“ from the darkness to the sky above. The diagonals are serve to remind us that darkness is still powerful, but also that there is still light to be had. I like the analogies that can be had here. Nice work, Florian.

  6. Rauf laufen ja eigentlich auch nicht.

    Ein witziges Sinnverwirrspiel: Wir lesen „runter“ und unwillkürlich geht alles im Bild „rauf“ – unter dem Bild, über dem Bild, sogar der Schriftzug selbst.

  7. Jerome sagt:

    Isn’t that what, at its simplest and most basic, a home is ? If the world’s your home, then all you need is a room to put down your things and take the occasional sleep.
    I like this very much, I love the lines, love the deep black

  8. Ivy Tavia C. sagt:

    „Ready For An Exhibition Event“ showcasing your „Work Of ART“ (HA!)… I see! Liking much this depiction „synergy between architectural and typography“ interplay!

  9. rian sagt:

    framed really nicely, i like this.. :)

  10. minimodi sagt:

    beautiful! good work with lines, text and contrast. really like this one!

  11. Luis sagt:

    I agree fully with Jonas. Beautifully framed, indeed.

  12. DomLortha sagt:

    Love how you composed this picture! Wonderful work, so clever.
    Have a nice day.

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