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tried & I failed & I’m tired & weary

© Meisterhaus, Dessau 2011 by Fritsch

Lord, I feel like going home / I’ve tried and I failed and I’m tired and weary / Everything I’ve done is wrong / And I feel like going home (The Walkabouts)

posted: Januar 29, 2012
under: black & white, pictures
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12 Responses to “tried & I failed & I’m tired & weary”

  1. Francis J sagt:

    Well, that’s minimalist but with something disturbing. First, it’s the left bottom corner, which marks a rupture with the minimalist composition. Second the impossibity to decide whether these are walls and roofs, though we know it was shot in a Meisterhaus. Should we say in French „maison de maître“?
    And then there is the title „tried and I failed…“ As it’s your purpose, this picture just fits perfectly. A perfect failure, Florian, giving me a lot to think about what we are doing, offering to strangers‘ eyes our pictures to look at.

  2. Marcie sagt:

    Wonderfully graphic abstract. Well done!

  3. Strong, such a strong shot, man. Overwhelming in it’s purposeful lines, indicating being boxed in, being closed in, maybe without any escape possible? But there’s also such strength in these lines, such passion and determination indicating that this tiredness, this weariness can only ever be temporary in nature. On the other side of this ‚box‘, this enclosure, home awaits, surely it does.

    Be well, my friend.

  4. walter sagt:

    Wenn Linien und Schwarz & Weiss dominieren, dann wird’s und ist‘s ein Meisterbild, denn das Ganze bildet ein überdimensionales Victory Sign und so hast du wieder mal mit einem einzigartig minimalistischen Bild den Sieg errungen.
    Applaus für den Sieger!

  5. Great minimalist shot. I like the strong lines and contrasts. This frames forms the perfect „V“.

  6. Jerome sagt:

    I see three colors on a BW image, that’s poetry at its best

  7. Ivy Tavia C. sagt:

    Some say you’re what you eat… many say you’re what you give… and to me I say „spread your wings“ and FLY (HA!) – It’s always a joy to see what you’re up to…

  8. Marie sagt:

    beau graphisme, beaux contrastes.

  9. terrorkitten sagt:

    Simple and yet powerful.

  10. DomLOrtha sagt:

    Great lesson of minimalism and geometry in photography! Perfectly done!!
    Have a nice day.

  11. Beve sagt:

    fast symmetrisch. wie eine liebe in besten momenten. die jedoch selten klar ist. die walkabouts. großartig natürlich.

  12. J’aime être perdu dans tes clichés. Etre désorienté pour ensuite retrouver la réalité. Ces quelques secondes de troubles visuels sont très agréables… Superbe.

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