songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
parted ways in the middle & now we gaze from either side

The water’s runnin‘ red tonight / And our bridges is burning high / We parted ways in the middle / And now we gaze from either side (Mandolin Orange)

every day that comes along has a silver medal on

Nothing soars like falcons it’s all paper planes / Nothing stings like thistles and nothing floods like rain / Nothing roars like fire when you’re standing on your own / No shelter from the coming storm will ever feel like home (Darlingside & Caitlin Canty)

a little truth from the jukebox should make it alright

Once the getting was good, but now the getting’s got gone / I’m going downtown just to tie one on / I’m oak aged and sour, I’m going down by the hour / Now I’m as blue as night is long / So won’t someone dance with me to a waltz about whiskey / And […]