songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
the past, she is haunted, the future is laced

Well you were a dancer, I was a rag / The song in my head, well was all that I had / Hope was a letter I never could send / Love was a country we couldn’t defend / And through the carnival we watch them go round and round / All we knew of […]

headed out as far as he could, past the cities

And headed out as far as he could / Past the cities and gated neighborhoods / He slept ’neath the stars / Wrote down what he dreamt / And he built a machine / For no one to see / Then took flight, first light / Of new morning (Calexico)

through the alleyways, the avenues & dreary days

Through the alleyways / The avenues and dreary days / Your schoolyard eyes / Hypnotizing every time / When we kiss in the dark / Emotion tearing us apart / We’ve got to put / The sun back in our hearts (The Coral)