songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
you ain’t lonely just let me be your ticket home

You ain’t alone / So why you lonely? / There you go on the dark end of the street / Are you scared to tell somebody how you feel about somebody? / Are you scared what somebody gonna think? / Are you scared to wear your heart out on your sleeve? / Are you scared […]

I can always close my eyes to see

I’m old but not broken / Leaning heavy on hope and I’m hoping / I can always close my eyes to see / I’m tired but not sleepy / There’s a vision every night that I’m keeping / And the sun must rise for my eyes to see (Down Like Silver)

let my hunger take me there

This house / She’s holding secrets / I got my change behind the bed / In a coffee can / I throw my nickels in / Just incase I have to leave / And I will go if you ask me to / I will stay if you dare / And if I go I’m […]