songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
roll the moon over my heart, roll my heart out with the tide

— · — Roll the moon over my heart / Roll my heart out with the tide / I talk to the wolf in the mountain / And I talk to the mule in the mine / Devil, unwind what’s empty / Devil, unwind my heart / Devil, make the two ends meet / Devil, […]

but one of these days momma I’ve got to hit the road

Some street go up, some go down / And it’s just too much trouble / We know the smells and the sound / We know a lot of people / We know the way things go down / Well I can fight like the devil or do what I’m told / But one of these […]

things are faster now & this train is just too slow

I feel like an old railroad man / Getting on board at the end of an age / The station’s empty and the whistle blows / Things are faster now / And this train is just too slow / And I know I can walk along the tracks / It may take a little longer […]