songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
just a little one not forgotten
© Stripes, Berlin 2011 by Fritsch

I am no mother / I am no father / Just a little one / Not forgotten / Born on your shoulders / Never grow older / Just a little one / Not forgotten / There are no tears / No sadness found / Cause only love / Can make a sound (Malcolm Holcombe)

all I can do is stumble across the uneven floor
© Bauhaus, Dessau 2011 by Fritsch

Snow blows / Thru the window / All I can do is stumble / Across the uneven floor / Into an unmade bed / I lie awake for hours / I must be afraid of something / All that I own is / Still in boxes / Scattered across the floor (Willard Grant Conspiracy)

you’re thinking about a place to go
© Schwarze Zimmer, Haus Muche, Dessau 2011 by Fritsch

And when the phone has lost it’s bell / And the doorbell has lost it’s sound / You’re only hearing your heart pound / It’s involuntary (M. Ward)