songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
if I knew it would get me to heaven

I would burn the soles of my feet / Burn the palms of both my hands / If I could learn and be complete / If I could walk righteously again / ‚Cause I want to get right with God / Yes, you know you got to get right with God (Lucinda Williams)

why am I soft in the middle, the rest of my life is so hard

A man walks down the street / It’s a street in a strange world / Maybe it’s the Third World / Maybe it’s his first time around / He doesn’t speak the language / He holds no currency / He is a foreign man / He is surrounded by the sound / The sound / […]

but one of these days momma I’ve got to hit the road

Some street go up, some go down / And it’s just too much trouble / We know the smells and the sound / We know a lot of people / We know the way things go down / Well I can fight like the devil or do what I’m told / But one of these […]