songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
I’ll go with you anywhere, can’t we leave that demon behind

O cherie / Come and take a ride with me / You just need to clear out your mind / O mon cher / Cuz I’ll go with you anywhere / Can’t we leave that demon behind? Yeah / I know about the Motel 6 / I know about the truckstop stations / I know […]

no one lives in these cities, no one but sleep

The silence of a language / Sounds like the speech of a sister / No one lives in these cities / No one but sleep (Andreas Spechtl)

but I could hear the ghosts singing on the other side

I left this town with the throttle open wide / The heater was blowing but nothing inside / Could ember the darkness or swallow my pride / When I left this town I was running (Jeffrey Foucault)