songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
things end so soon, beneath a parking lot moon

On a brief and starstricken night / On a brief and starstricken night / I called her name on the road from Spokane / On a brief and starstricken night (Joe Pug)

we bounce around like a dream, another sweet in between

Well we can’t have a garden while we’re still on the road / There’s only room on the dash for a gas station rose / You know that when I shut up I got something to say / I was looking at you, you were looking away (Sean Rowe)

our night riding, midnight gliding, morning dancing

But babe I’ll be back when the sun starts to seep through the leaves / When I can sing you a song as you sing along on these magic Berlin streets / With our night riding / Midnight gliding / Morning dancing / Pavement prancing / You know oh you know / You know I’ll […]