songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
the one that howls inside where the wind blows through
© Schöneberg, Berlin, 2015, Florian Fritsch

It’s a long black night / Coming down on you / The one that howls inside / Where the wind blows through / I know you feel like you’re dying / For anything true / But you’ve got a light / And it shines in you (Jeffrey Foucault)

every time you’re driving home way outside your safety zone
© Hafencity, Hamburg, 2015, Florian Fritsch

Every time you get a drink / And every time you go to sleep / Are those dreams inside your head / Is there sunlight on your bed / And every time you’re driving home / Way outside your safety zone / Wherever you will ever be / You’re never getting rid of me (The […]

ain’t no rainbow in the sky in the middle of the night
© Heidestr., Berlin, 2015, Florian Fritsch

Blinking lights on the airplane wings / Up above the trees / Blinking down a morse code signal / Especially for me / Ain’t no rainbow in the sky / In the middle of the night / But the signal’s coming through / One day I will be alright again (Eels)