songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
lost in the wilderness
© Garage, Velten, 2013, Florian Fritsch

— · — — · — — · — You see man made the cars that take us over the road / Man made the train to carry the heavy load / Man made the electric light to take us out of the dark / Man made the boat for the water like noah made […]

cut my teeth on the white lines of life’s endless lonesome highway
© Diesel, Velten, 2013, Florian Fritsch

Bus stop rain…busted power a broke down ’69 LTD… / I hocked my tools…to buy my brain…a funeral wreath…from the FTD / Blank billboards on the highway of life / Counterfeit bills in the neon lights / This stick-shift driven saw-dust dream / Show-biz sho‘ ain’t what it seems / Little hipster dufus with […]

reaching for the feeling that was always there
© Shape of things, Berlin 2012, Florian Fritsch

— · — I can hear the wind blowing in my mind / Just the way it used to sound through the Georgia pines / You were there to answer when I called / You and me, Lord knows we had it all (Donnie Fritts as sung by Keith Richards)