songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
take this heart of gold and melt it down, I’ll come around

Out the door and down the drive  / There’s a part of me that tries / To keep that highway’s call to me away / And another, further still / That sadly never will / Feel at home no matter how long I may stay / So take this heart of gold and melt it […]

don’t go on living with trouble in mind

Hey stranger if ever you decide / Giving in to the bottom and ease your worried mind / With heavy heart you’ll see in time / There’s no burden greater in life (Mandolin Orange)

hard travelin‘ down the road

— · — Well the whiskey never holds you like a good girl can / But when the night gets lonely it can be your only friend / Hard travelin‘ down the road / I’m feeling bad boys, I’m feeling low (Mandolin Orange)