songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
black has marked the distance
© Volleyball, Kremmen 2011 by Fritsch

Blue news in the heart / You are the one red sister star / You are the flash across the water / One red sister star / Black has marked the distance / Black has marked out all the miles / Across the world from you (Songs: Ohia)

the motion of a hand waving you goodbye
© La Rochelle, Frankreich 2011 by Fritsch

Well morning came / And it dressed the sky / In a lovely yellow gown / Now the shops they are / All opening / In that narrow hallway of downtown / Filled with people who / Are shopping for / Their lovers and their friends / So they won’t ever be lonely again (Bright […]

bury your burdens in the ground
© La Tranche-sur-Mer, Frankreich 2011 by Fritsch

If you got burdons / Don’t carry them / Just bury them in the ground / If you’re hurting / Don’t worry / I will try to be around / How long can the night time last / How long can it be / These sharp toothed creatures from the past / Gonna be the […]