songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
the aurora is risin‘ behind us
© La Bamba, Schmachtenhagen 2010 by Fritsch

And me I just got tired of hangin‘ in them dusty arcades bangin‘ them pleasure machines / Chasin‘ the factory girls underneath the boardwalk where they promise to unsnap their jeans / And you know that tilt-a-whirl down on the south beach drag / I got on it last night and my shirt got caught […]

if as we’re walking a hand should slip free
© Fields, Hohenschöpping 2010 by Fritsch

We said we’d walk together baby come what may / That come the twilight should we lose our way / If as we’re walking a hand should slip free / I’ll wait for you and should I fall behind wait for me (Bruce Springsteen)

sinkin‘ fast in this old quicksand ground
© Fence, Hohenschöpping 2010 by Fritsch

Someday…. somehow…. / I’m gonna make it go away / I been chasin‘ these same ol‘ dreams around / Seems like forever and a day / Slippin‘ down an old road again / Seems like I been this way before / This same old story’s like an old broken record / All the edges of […]