songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
been fighting second gear, for fifteen miles or so
© A115, Berlin, 2014, Florian Fritsch

Pain in the outside lane, I’m tired of answering to myself / Heart like a rebuilt part, I don’t know how much it’s got left / How much it’s got left / I’ve grown tired of traveling alone / Tired of traveling alone / I’ve grown tired of traveling alone / Won’t you ride with [...]

truth leads us down strange roads, each one different I suppose
© Wiesenweg, Berlin, 2014, Florian Fritsch

Don’t have what it takes to stay in one place / But I might have what it takes to make myself home / Not sure at any time where I will be found / Not sure you’d want to go there alone (Willard Grant Conspiracy)

gotta bucket full of tears & a hard luck story
© Nebel, Thüringen, 2014, Florian Fritsch

— · — Well I was thinkin’ that I shoulda but I didn’t ever leave you but baby I’m leavin’ tonight / There’s a trucker drinkin’ coffee in the station who can give me a ride / Well I was thinking ’bout a headin’ down to Mobile, Alabama and that was just last Saturday night [...]