songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
whisper beautiful secrets into the drainpipes at night
© Badenscher Hof, Berlin, 2015, Florian Fritsch

For soon the morning sun will rise / And this little town will open up its eyes / And return from the land where I’ve never been / From a Sleepy-town, that’s free / From all that rainy-rainy-rain falls down / The cool rainy-rain upon my head / Make the river overflow it’s banks / [...]

every evening find me moanin’, I’m alone & cryin’ the blues
© Paul Griesbach, Berlin, 2015, Florian Fritsch

Every Morning find me moanin’ / Cause of all the trouble I see / Life’s a loosing gamble to me / Cares and woes have got me moanin’ / Every evening find me moanin’ / I’m alone and cryin’ the blues / I’m so tired of payin’ these dues / Everybody knows I’m moanin’ / [...]

slow down this train, slow down the iron that runs in my veins
© Haus der Photographie, Hamburg, 2015, Florian Fritsch

But No kept her name / No got so quiet, she put out her flame / But Faith stayed the same / Faith came around with that smile on his face the next day / He said, follow me down / Follow me down with your pick and your plow / I can hear you [...]