songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
don’t have to run, don’t have to hide
© Elbe, Hamburg 2009 by Fritsch

Well you don’t have to stay inside / Don’t have to run, don’t have to hide / Come dry your eyes / You know you can always change your mind / Maybe I will too in time / Once we understand / No one understands at all (Yo La Tengo)

you got to move
© Hamburg Hochbahn, Hamburg 2009 by Fritsch

You may be high / You may be low / You may be rich, child / You may be poor / But when the Lord gets ready / You gotta move (Mississippi Fred McDowell) I’m on the road for a couple of days. There are some images going up whilst I’m gone but be sure [...]

cool, calm & collected
© Sunday morning Strandperle Hamburg 2009 by Fritsch

These days we all play cool, calm and collected / Why, our lips could turn blue just shooting the breeze / But under the frost, well, he thought he detected / A warm blush of red and a touch of her knee (John Hiatt)