songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
kick ‚til the dust comes up from the cracks in the floor
© Westjütland, Denmark 2012 by Fritsch

Said it’s a mean old world, heavy in need / That big machine is just picking up speed / They were supping on tears, they were supping on wine / We all get to heaven in our own sweet time / So come all you Asheville boys and turn up your old-time noise / And […]

an empty wagon full of rattling bones
© Messplatz, Darmstadt 2012 by Fritsch

The getaway kicking up cinders / An empty wagon full of rattling bones / Moon in the mirror on a three-hour jones / I dream a highway back to you (Gillian Welch)

leaving the valley & fucking out of sight
© Hotel Miranda, Weimar 2011 by Fritsch

Leaving the valley and fucking out of sight / I’ll go back to cali where I can sleep out every night / And watch the waves and move the fader / Queen of fakes and Imitators / Times the revelator (Gillian Welch) It’s sign days on 591photography. So make sure to stop by & enjoy […]