songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
I drifted & I drifted
© Industriestraße, Velten 2010 by Fritsch

I broke your back, so I’ll break mine twice the same / Ended up in some back room, where no one knew my name / I drifted and I drifted, and ended up in Spokane / In a one room place above a bar, called the grand (Richmond Fontaine)

besides a moon that don’t know when to quit
© Olbrichweg, Darmstadt 2010 by Fritsch

So you take your time / And you take your leave / Ready to do without / Ready to receive / Never mind, gonna find good love down by the river / Might as well find your spine / The shiver / There’s something in the water besides a moon that don’t know when to […]