songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
through the alleyways, the avenues & dreary days
© Teufelsberg, Berlin, 2016, Florian Fritsch

Through the alleyways / The avenues and dreary days / Your schoolyard eyes / Hypnotizing every time / When we kiss in the dark / Emotion tearing us apart / We’ve got to put / The sun back in our hearts (The Coral)

will I know when I get there or just drive on by
© Selbstportrait mit Dame, Hamburg, 2016, Florian Fritsch

Can you keep the pain out / And just let in the breeze / When I leave the door open / The wind blows in all the leaves / Will I know when I get there / Or just drive on by / I never have answers / Only ask why (Caitlin Canty)

I won’t listen to their words ’cause I like birds
© Sankt Pauli, Hamburg, 2016, Florian Fritsch

I don’t care for walking downtown / Crazy auto-car gonna mow me down / Look at all the people like cows in a herd / Well, I like birds (Eels)