songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
a little truth from the jukebox should make it alright
© Bar, Berlin, 2013, Florian Fritsch

Once the getting was good, but now the getting’s got gone / I’m going downtown just to tie one on / I’m oak aged and sour, I’m going down by the hour / Now I’m as blue as night is long / So won’t someone dance with me to a waltz about whiskey / And [...]

there was no distance in these open fields – only time
© Oded Tzur Quartett, Berlin, 2016, Florian Fritsch

He dreamed he played the notes so slowly that they hovered in the air above the crowd and shimmered like a neon sign (Oded Tzur, poem by Dana Gioia)

ain’t goin’ to heaven nohow, crowd up there’s too slow
© Conny Bauer, Berlin, 2016, Florian Fritsch

Thick bass notes from a moon faced drum / Saxophones moan, banjo strings hum / High thin notes from the cornet’s throat / Trombone snorting, bass horn snorting / Short tan notes from the piano / And the short tan notes from the piano (Conny Bauer, poem by Frank Marshall Davies)