songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
a wanderin’, wanderin’ guy with no one gal to lay his head by
© Reichstag, Berlin, 2014, Florian Fritsch

Señor Blues is what they call him way down Mexicali way / Senoritas fallin’ for him with the hope that he will stay / By the time that they love him, Señor Blues done gone away (Horace Silver)

a color, a color, the blues is more than a color
© Being Blue, Hamburg, 2014, Florian Fritsch

Some blues are sad / But some are glad / Dark, sad or bright, glad / They’re all blues / All shades, all hues, all blues (Miles Davis) Spent the last weeks being blue with Uwe in the Zustandszone … an amazing feeling in some of the greatest little gallery.

one for my baby & one more for the road
© Reeperbahn, Hamburg, 2014, Florian Fritsch

We’re drinking my friend, to the end of a brief episode / Make it one for my baby and one more for the road / I got the routine / So drop another nickel in the machine / I’m feelin so bad / I wish it make the music dreamy and sad (Billie Holiday)