songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
hard travelin’ down the road
© Bamberger Str., Berlin, 2016, Florian Fritsch

— · — Well the whiskey never holds you like a good girl can / But when the night gets lonely it can be your only friend / Hard travelin’ down the road / I’m feeling bad boys, I’m feeling low (Mandolin Orange)

this is Christmas, for weak & for strong, the rich & the poor ones
© Bamberger Str., Berlin, 2016, Florian Fritsch

And so this is Christmas / For weak and for strong / The rich and the poor ones / The road is so long / And so happy Christmas / For black and for white / For yellow and red ones / Let’s stop all the fight / A very merry Christmas / And a [...]

little acts of kindness & little words of love
© Gneisenaustr., Berlin, 2011, Florian Fritsch

Little acts of kindness and little words of love / Make our earthly home heaven above / And there is no sorrow heaven cannot heal / A fire within, no cross, no crown (Rickie Lee Jones) Don’t mess with these open-minded & sexy folks in the heart of this beautiful city. A moment of silence [...]