songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
to be out of place, gorgeous & alone
© Gneisenaustr., Berlin, 2014, Florian Fritsch

This is what love is for / To be out of place / Gorgeous and alone / Face to face / With no larger problems / That need to be erased / Nothing more important / Than to know someone’s listening / Now, I know you’ll be listening (Wilco)

stepping on the platform, trying to see you through the rain
© Selbstportrait mit Lampe, Berlin 2014, Florian Fritsch

I taught myself to tolerate the pain / All the loneliness and boredom and the work I did in vain / All the work we did in vain, now I’m not the same as I was / I’ve done my tour of duty now I’ll try to do what a civilian does (Jason Isbell)

lost somewhere between here & there
© Glamour, Berlin, 2014, Florian Fritsch

Tear my posters down from the wall / Don’t wanna worship no dead heroes / Everything I owned I sold / I got lost somewhere between here and there / I’m not sure what the town was called (Courtney Barnett)