songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
dark nights, darker days
© Avishai Cohen, Berlin, 2015, Florian Fritsch

To fling my arms wide / In some place of the sun / To whirl and to dance / Till the white day is done / Then rest at cool evening / Beneath a tall tree / While night comes on gently / Dark like me- / That is my dream! (Avishai Cohen, poem by [...]

long is the struggle, hard the fight
© Kirche, Berlin, 2015, Florian Fritsch

And now, now everyone got nervous / Because everyone was hungry too / And everyone was wondering / What was the next thing he would do / And the, the preacher, he kept preaching / He said, “Now I’ll remind you if I may / You all better pay attention / And I might decide [...]

the only sound left is the morning bird singing
© Potsdamer Str., Berlin, 2015, Florian Fritsch

Ain’t got no money, cupboards are bare / No cigarettes and the kids got nothing to wear / She walked out without a word / Now the only sound left is the morning bird singing / Blue skies over my head / Give me another reason to get out of bed / Blue skies shine [...]