songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
the rhythm of life is a jazz rhythm

The rhythm of life / Is a jazz rhythm / Honey / The gods are laughing at us / The broken heart of love / The weary, weary heart of pain,- / Overtones / Undertones / To the rumble of street cars / To the swish of rain / Lenox Avenue / Honey / Midnight […]

the sidewalk is a history book & a circus

The sidewalk is a history book / And a circus / Dangerous clowns / Balancing dreadful and wonderful perceptions / They have been handed / Day by day / Generations on down (Avishai Cohen, poem by Joni Mitchell)

dark nights, darker days

To fling my arms wide / In some place of the sun / To whirl and to dance / Till the white day is done / Then rest at cool evening / Beneath a tall tree / While night comes on gently / Dark like me- / That is my dream! (Avishai Cohen, poem by […]