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smell of cigarettes

© Eisenacher Straße Berlin 2009 by Fritsch

Still out there with the coffee stains / And putting miles on shoes / Can’t escape the smell of cigarettes / Still living out these American late night blues (Son Volt)

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posted: November 1, 2009
under: black & white, pictures
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21 Responses to “smell of cigarettes”

  1. Sean sagt:

    Great lighting Fritsch!

  2. Joe sagt:

    Kännchen oder Tasse?
    Harte frage!
    Vielleicht steht ja im Kaffeesatz, die Antwort oder Zukunft, ….

  3. The simplicity of this composition speaks volumes. The black and white tones are so perfect for this shot. The lines from the shape of the table contrast nicely with the curves in the cup and saucer.

  4. a.h.lex sagt:

    just a perfect scenery for a b/w photo! great composition and frame! And of course, the title shows us the way of ideas for this photo. Great!

  5. MARIANA sagt:

    super POV , and BW :) cheers ! Where is a cigarette ?

  6. walter sagt:

    Ein grandioser Ausschnitt, ein grossartiges Bild, reduziert auf das Wesentliche … brilliant!
    Danke für diese schlichte Schönheit, Fritsch!

  7. Marcel sagt:

    Wunderschön. Diese Ruhe die das Bild ausstrahlt. Mir vermittelt es ein angenehm lässiges, etwas melancholisch-nachdenkliches Lebensgefühl. Wie so oft bei dir ein großartiges Bild.

  8. Kamal sagt:

    marvellous b/w as always. love the contrast , the light and the textures of the table. eventhough you’ve broken the rules of composition, i just think this is an exceptional image. =). but remember, smoking is bad for you my friend.

  9. Jingz sagt:

    Good b/w capture. sehr schön :)

  10. rhys sagt:

    Musique rythmique
    Son electronique
    L’art politique
    A l’age atomique
    Electric Cafe
    Culture physique
    Cuisine dietetique
    L’art dynamique
    A l’age atomique
    Electric Cafe
    ‘Kraftwerk, Electric Cafe’

    great shot, love this kind of imagery

  11. Elaine- sagt:

    i quit smoking 5 months ago, and since my husband couldn’t quit with me, i can’t escape the smell of cigarettes either lol…. this shot really goes with that sentiment, well done you!!! :))))))))))

  12. Beverungen sagt:

    coffee and cigarettes – thats all we need. and the key to paradise – they called hell. or the key to hell – they called paradise.

    thank you


  13. david sagt:

    what i like here (apart from the tones and textures) are the mysterious keys poking into the frame; makes you wonder what’s all going on and where the posession of those keys would lead you to?

  14. Ilan sagt:

    I love the simplicity here. There is nothing excessive in the photo, all in it’s place, and the light is just perfect.
    Looks like the beginning of a great morning :)

  15. Turnbill sagt:

    nicely lit and composed!

  16. Luis sagt:

    I like the noir feeling to this. Effective use of light and shadows complimented nicely by the texture of the wooden table. Conveys a mellow atmosphere, especially with the keys slightly visible to the right, the sense of a simple break after a day’s of hard work. Nicely seen, bro.

  17. Sam sagt:

    Fantastic image!

  18. grant sagt:

    excellent shot. makes me feel like i’m there. have you heard the new jay farrar album (one false move or i’m gone)? i’m been listening to it over and over in the car.

  19. terrorkitten sagt:

    So much to like about this.

  20. IvyC. sagt:

    Unique eye:) – A lovely monotone depiction, wonderfully framed!

  21. Markus sagt:

    Die Stimmung von kalt gewordenem Kaffee-Rest, zwischen bleiben und Aufbruch, zwischen Resignation und halb-überzeugtem Gehen kommt für mich prima rüber.

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