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restless no more

© Road to Orange, France 2008 by Fritsch

Well I’ve been throughout this land / North & east & back again / Roamin‘ around in my old Volkswagen (SongDogs)

The SongDogs choose this photograph as cover shot for their new record. The release of this all new record „Restless No More“ will take place at the Filmbühne am Steinplatz, Berlin, on June 20th, 2009.

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posted: Juni 3, 2009
under: black & white, pictures
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15 Responses to “restless no more”

  1. david sagt:

    well done! it’ll be a thrill to see it when it’s on the record, i’m sure! and it is a great shot: captures all the mystery of a road-trip quite brilliantly!

  2. Joe sagt:


    Ist cool, wie das Licht scheinbar nach unten fällt. Und die Straße so abgefahren gerade aus geht. Ist da am Ende ein Topf Gold?
    Erinnert mich auch an das Snakes&Arrows Cover von Rush.


  3. POlydactyle sagt:

    Perfect. the exact feeling of freedom… dark freedom!

  4. marc sagt:

    This photo really grabs my attention in an almost hypnotic way. I’ll have to send you some interview questions soon–I can’t wait to learn more about how you bring together image and lyric so well.

  5. Kamal sagt:

    this is very cool. i like how the road directs the eyes all the way to the horizon. the clouds and the heavy vognetting really make the image more dramatic too! and it is totally awesome when this picture of yours is chosen for an album cover! well done!

  6. rhys sagt:

    and it deservedly should be on the cover of an album! Kudos!

  7. At the end of light, oh so bleak
    mists await their dissapation
    out unto the greyness, our sun fires low
    an aching in strain
    our eyes must pain to see.

    Lost within the clouds
    blinded by the light
    silent and bewildered
    down on knees belye……

  8. Ilan sagt:

    I know it’s not what you planned but…

    Yesterday I saw the new Terminator movie.
    I’m a big fan of the first two episodes, and you remember, the last scene in the first movie, is a rolling endless road, with that terminator theme song in the background.
    That’s what I thought when I saw your frame :)

  9. Beverungen sagt:

    immer wieder die lust aufs nirgendwo. geradeaus.

    gute reise!


  10. Fritsch, du weißt, wie sehr ich deine Fotos mag, aber Fotos wie dieses liebe ich.

    Es ist so, wie Wolfgang Niedecken gesungen hat:
    „Ein Film ohne Schluß, wo nichts ist, wie es muß – geradeaus.“

    Gruß vom Kid

  11. terrorkitten sagt:

    I just want to drive to that horizon and then on and on. Life through horizons seems sweet.

  12. grant sagt:

    damn, this is good – a mythical road.

  13. aptass sagt:

    Like a lost highway racing with the surface of the moon.
    I liked the Songdogs movie and the music in it.

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