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sometimes I think that the sky is a prison & the earth is a grave

© Schirn, Frankfurt am Main 2012 by Fritsch

Sometimes I think that the sky is a prison and the earth is a grave / And sometimes I feel like Jesus, in some Chinese opera / And sometimes I’m glad I built my mansion from crazy little stones / But sometimes I feel so goddamned trapped by everything that I know / And I wish it wasn’t so, cause the only thing that anyone should ever know / Is that today’s a perfect day to chase tornados / Yeah, when the wild wind whips around your head you know / That you have found a perfect day to chase tornados (Jim White)

posted: Dezember 5, 2012
under: black & white, Im Herzen von Europa, pictures
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17 Responses to “sometimes I think that the sky is a prison & the earth is a grave”

  1. aptass sagt:

    Like a great eye in the sky watching your every move.

  2. Ivy Tavia C. sagt:

    „Baroque Empire“ in pounding hearts and bated breath (HA!)… this picture effectively brings all main cores into one story space. Well observed Florian!

  3. Elaine- sagt:

    yes, good advice, when you find yourself trapped don’t chase freedom, chase death, haha it’s a quicker route i guess… how are you my friend? long time no see!

  4. Roland Theys sagt:

    Yes, excellent shot! excellent contrast!

  5. Uwe sagt:

    Ein Blick von unten, vom Boden aus, nach oben in den bewölkten Himmel,der parzelliert wird vom feinen Gitterwerk einer Glaskuppel: das Auge sieht sich einem anderen Auge gegenüber, in dem der Himmel erscheint –
    ein Aug‘ in Aug‘ mit dem Numinosen.
    Das Ferne im Visier.
    Im Auge des Sturms …
    Deiner Lichtbildkunst.
    Gruß, Uwe

  6. bet365 sagt:

    exellent b/e work. great shot. BRAVO

  7. Francis J sagt:

    Should I look at the dome, its architecture, the technical skills behind? Not my mood today. What I see and look at is the sky. The glass roof is just an instrument made for the observation of the sky, its contemplation, the door for a journey to the sky and beyond.

    And there is something like a target designed here by the structure of the glass roof that enhances my approach. Once more, Florian, you help me beginning my day (it’s 10 am here) with an appeal for a journey, a mind trip, the beauty of the world, the always unseen world.

  8. Durchgedreht und abgehoben. An- und eingesaugt. Nach oben. Ins Licht. Into the great wide open.


  9. ay, Fritsch – once again you show that great talent of yours for composition, texture, light and contrast, and once again you reveal the inherent tensions between man and our structures and the untamed beauty, danger and freedom of everything we didn’t make – our subconsciousnesses included!

    great lyrical pairing too!


  10. elaine sagt:

    makes me think of James Bond..My mind wanders…

  11. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    I always like the holes that let the light in…as long as it isn’t raining through that same hole. This is one magnificent domed window. It lets the light in and every line centers the eye–just as it should. While this might be the philosophical guide to looking up, looking out, and centering our vision, this photo is certainly one that draws one in…and it’s very hard to escape that! Nice work!

  12. Luis sagt:

    Excellent! All the necessary elements come into play for a perfect black and white image. I especially like the lines of shadows cast to the right at the edge of the glass dome.

  13. Jerome sagt:

    The prison is just something we paint on the sky my friend, but it it still there. Keep looking up !

  14. rian sagt:

    i always think of a target sight’s cross hairs when i see ceilings like these.. :D great catch!

  15. DomLortha sagt:

    You found the eye in the sky! Great capture with clouds in the sky. Perfectly composed. Beautiful!
    Have a nice day.

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