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a little time to follow that unbroken line

© Schlesische Straße, 2010 by Fritsch

If I stray away too far from you, don’t go and try to find me / It doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it doesn’t mean I won’t come back and stay beside you / It only means I need a little time / To follow that unbroken line / To a place where the wild things grow / To a place where I used to always go (Lucinda Williams)

posted: Oktober 16, 2011
under: colour, pictures
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15 Responses to “a little time to follow that unbroken line”

  1. Kid sagt:

    Sehr gelungene Kombination von Farben, Ton und Text, Fritsch. Wer sein Leben auf dem Drahtseil verbringt und dort oben ohne Netz und doppelten Boden auch noch zu tanzen versucht, hat es nicht leicht. Die Erklärungsversuche für die, die unten stehen und entweder verständnislos mit dem Kopf schütteln oder aus Angst um dich bittend zurufen, du mögest doch bitte zu ihnen und den sicheren Boden unter den Füßen (zurück) kommen, sind noch das einfachste.

    Gruß vom Kid

  2. Marcie sagt:

    Color and light in this is fantastic!! Wonderful night image and scene.

  3. Francis sagt:

    Lido. First, the italian island of Venezia. And some moments I can yet remember though many years have vanished…
    I was sitting in the sand and she came to me, directly, frankly, telling me about the way she felt free. An invitation for me to feel free.
    Where to go if not a hotel?
    Your Lido, Florian, brings to me a powerful feeling, awakes this moment I had not remembered for such a long time.
    The composition playing with the lines of the roofs works very well, the balance of the colors is just perfect as a dream…

  4. You know the color suits you… too! ;-)
    Beautiful composition.
    And a perfect mastery of light.

  5. Lido – wonder why I can’t stop thinking of drunken sailers pitching girls in places that are politically incorrect, but oh so much fun

    Great catch – again! – my friend


  6. sherri sagt:

    nice night shot. (i like lucinda too)

  7. Jerome sagt:

    This reminds me of the discussion we had ! Beautiful lines here Florian, I like how the colors pop out of the black. And of course that evening sky, not completely dark yet not too luminous either

  8. Turnbill sagt:

    Oh yes! Excellent spotting this one.

  9. michèle sagt:

    Meeting flash colors outside along the road, announcing warmth inside. It could be far from Germany, from Europe; in Texas in Wenders’ steps?

  10. minimodi sagt:

    sweet! i like the wierd text on the wall in the background. like this shot!

  11. walter sagt:

    Wunderbar, neben dem „Grey Television“ findest du dieses „Lido mit Herz und Anker” und dazu dieser blaue Himmel der den Kopf freimacht für weitere Gedanken.

  12. rian sagt:

    love how the neon light is front and center in this shot of yours.. well done.. :)

  13. aptass sagt:

    I like the composition and how the signs gives the viewer something to explore

  14. Ivy Tavia C. sagt:

    Not bad at all Lucinda Williams she’s pretty cool soothing-vocal:) You know this image of yours having a slingshot-at-hand would be perfect (HA!).. interestingly depicted the various focal-point!

  15. Beve sagt:

    fickt eusch allee – trotz lido, wer will da wohnen? über allem wacht die nacht. tanzt!

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