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morning takes me too soon

© Unmade bed, 2010 by Fritsch

Night time spent waiting / Well, in the dark we all are fools / This love makes me impatient / Morning takes me too soon / Keep me, don’t let me go / Keep me, don’t let me go / Go. Go. Go. (Jesse Sykes And The Sweet Hereafter)

posted: Februar 10, 2010
under: black & white, pictures, unmade beds
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16 Responses to “morning takes me too soon”

  1. What keeps amazing me is that you’re able to publish one great photograph after another with those very mundane subjects. A bed, a few wrinkly pillows and bam… I’m impressed all over again.

    Keep seeing the world your own way, my friend


  2. Kamal sagt:

    Haha. Love it. This is what I meant by a good night’s sleep in my post. I just want to lie in bed the whole day tomorrow. Great!

  3. Samantha sagt:

    What a fantastic image. Looks like a warm bed to jump into! :-)

  4. Otto K. sagt:

    wonderful. it makes you wonder who slept there and where are they now?

  5. Luis sagt:

    It’s late here and I don’t have the mental flow of thought to describe this eloquently, but it provokes a lot of thought nonetheless. I’m intrigued by the use of light, how it strikes the pillows, and how it creates questions verses making a solid statement. Nice work.

  6. Elaine- sagt:

    Don’t let me go without a comment from you!! :) not on today’s photo, it’s not very good, i mean even more so than usual lol i love this photo of yours, i want to curl up in that bed! I wish i had the courage to shoot in black and white, i used to when i shot film, but now, i don’t know why, but i need my photos in color, maybe i will start a different site with only black and white photos, post once a week or something, because you inspire me!

  7. david sagt:

    that’s great…what else can i add to the first commenter’s words?

  8. rhys sagt:

    you have turned an everyday scene into a great image, the lighting is perfect.

  9. kris sagt:

    as always your photos push the mind to reflection and meditation, it is good to be lulled to dream and contemplate this peaceful still life. keep sharing, thanks . Kris

  10. Ken sagt:

    Great title, mood and B&W! the best I have seen today!

  11. Krista sagt:

    Oh wow! I think this may be my favorite of yous so far! It makes me wonder who was just there. Such beautiful contrast, it tells a wonderful story. This one would be amazing printed and framed!

  12. Wow…a superb composition. The shadows and contrasts with the light are so revealing, so story telling. Bravo to you!

  13. Turnbill sagt:

    You are the master of the simple shot! Nothing extraneous, just black and white and a few pillows. But what a story!

  14. Teresa sagt:

    Beautiful photo from a simple subject. This is great! Wonderful light and shadow.

  15. flo g sagt:

    deux oreillers froissés et notre imaginaire s’envole ;) très belle lumière aussi

  16. Ivy sagt:

    A lovely touch of poetry – Such eye soother.. comfy mood crafted!

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