songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
the ones I leave & the ones ahead, the chance I had & the choice instead
© Bode-Museum, Berlin 2012 by Fritsch

Now I think twice about every bargain / Everything I’ve had and what I’ve walked out on / All the lone star horizon / All the lone star horizon / The ones I leave and the ones ahead / The chance I had and the choice instead / All the lone star horizon / All […]

snow covers everything & it’s 5 degrees below zero
© Monbijoupark, Berlin 2012 by Fritsch

And he can see the city lights in the distance / So he walks into the opposite direction / Swimming in a sea of rage that dissipates with the cold / But hours now have passed and he doesn’t know which way to go / He tries to find the highway but snow covers everything […]

nothing like the feeling of moving with a bona fide motorized savior
© Am Kupfergraben, Berlin 2012 by Fritsch

Now if we all drove motor homes, well maybe in the end / With no country to die for, we could just be friends / One world as our highway ain’t no yours or my way / We’d be cool wherever we roam if Jesus drove a motor home (Jim White)