songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
look in your eyes & down I will roll
© Bicycle, Denmark 2012 by Fritsch

Sun’s gonna shine, wind’s gonna blow / On that hill where we used to go / I look in your eyes and down I will roll / Someday soon (Wilco)

run with the ponies
© Westjütland, Denmark 2012 by Fritsch

Watch my friend run with the ponies / Said his whole life he loved them / Back of the car, eyes were closing / They were closing / Oh, it’s all right / It’s all right (Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers)

somewhere along the way it all stands still
© Hvide Sande, Denmark 2012 by Fritsch

You may be quite sure you know where you’re going / But sooner or later you’re out of the picture / Too many lost names, too many rules to the game / Better find a focus or you’re out of the picture / And somewhere along the way the clock runs out / Somewhere along […]