songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
caught in between somewhere this & there
© Deutsch-Französischer Garten, Saarbrücken 2012 by Fritsch

Caught in between somewhere this and there / Convincing myself that I can get over it / Convincing myself to pick up the phone / That I’m never leaving home (Micah P. Hinson)

breaking up the lines
© Orangen, Darmstadt 2012 by Fritsch

Let these times show you that you’re breaking up the lines / Leaving all your dreams too far behind / Didn’t you see, you can’t make it without ever even trying / And something’s on your mind (Karen Dalton)

bed is for sleeping, love is for making
© S., Berlin 2012 by Fritsch

Bed is for sleeping / Love is for making / You know love I am yours for the taking / My eyes are for seeing / The wind is for blowing / And you see love I am yours for the knowing (Bonnie „Prince“ Billy)