songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
trying to find me something
© Ostkreuz platforms Berlin 2010 by Fritsch

I passed up the station for the bus / I was trying to find me something / But I wasn’t sure just what / Man I ended up with pockets full of dust (Ryan Adams)

many more miles left to go
© Germany keep quite Blankensteinpark Berlin 2009 by Fritsch

So don’t cry for me / For I’m going away / And I’ll be back some lucky day / Tell the boys back home / That I’m doing just fine / I’ve left all my troubles and woe / And you can sing about me / ‚Cause I can’t come home / I’ve many, many […]

broken bones & bruises
© Window Eisenacher Str., Berlin 2010 by Fritsch

These things that have comforted me I drive away / This place that is my home I cannot stay / My only faith is in the broken bones and bruises I display (Bruce Springsteen)