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invisible city XIII
© Potsdamer Platz, Berlin 2010 by Fritsch

As a man I ain’t never been much for sunny days / I’m as calm as a fruit stand in New York and maybe as strange / But when the color goes out of my eyes it’s usually the change / But damn Sam I love a woman that rains (Ryan Adams)

invisible city XII
© Neon lights cinema "Babylon" Berlin 2009 by Fritsch

Pretty thing, I’ve got you / Right where I used to be / We ride across this city / Starting fires recklessly / And everything is closing / But tonight, we’ll stay awhile / And if this darkness lingers / I’ll fall to you just like a child (Jesse Sykes And The Sweet Hereafter) By […]

invisible city XI
© Kulturforum Berlin 2009 by Fritsch

I’m not an ordinary man / I don’t pretend to be / I’d like to be an extraordinary man / I’d like to know peace / When the lights go out, I’m not lonely / It’s the only thing that matters to me / I can, we can / We can be set free (Langhorne […]